AUGUST 8, 2020

It Feels Good is a high energy and positive song, a track to sing along to in your car, play by the pool or rolling down a hill on your mountain bike. Whatever floats your boat. The song features our friends from bands and radio stations from all over the world. It was recorded in Quebec city and Montréal by Mal Fantôme – Charles (vocals + guitars), Jack (bass), Ike (drums). The song is produced by Mal Fantôme and Mathieu Dandurand.

Very special thanks to our friends who contributed to the song. Please check them out, you won’t be deceived.

Here is the list of contributors :

  • Jordon Zadorozny – Blinker the Star | Canada
  • Mikael Andersson-Knut – The Confusions | Sweden
  • Karen O’Mahony – Ashes for Dreams | Ireland
  • Ed Richards – Superdrone | UK
  • Angelo Pitone – Of Shadows and Lights | Italy
  • Dan Parker – Juliper Sky | UK
  • Olivier O’Leary, Moonstation | Canada
  • Franck Human – Human | France
  • Andrey Yukhovich – SUPERNOVA 1006 | Russia
  • Gerid Bowler – USA
  • Johan Alm – Jambrains | Sweden
  • Douglas Capellato – Brazil