NOVEMBER 24, 2022

OVER is our new single and the first from “Love Hotel” our upcoming 3rd album. The song is about living the moment and features Montreal’s great Charles Imbeau on trumpet as a guest musician. Here is what the critics say about it :

“Mal Fantôme understands not only feel, but form. Song form. Where to go high, where to go low. They realise that in order for the lead vocal to have space, something has to make way. Charles (not me or the other one) swaps his guitar for the mic, and in doing so, knocks out the trumpeter with a swing of the axe. It is in his voice that you will start to hear the clear influence of Interpol. In fact, given the nature of their music, they could be considered kings of interpolation.”
– Charles Connolly, Collonny’s Corner, November 28 2022
“Adding a little chaos to their new song from acclaimed trumpeter Charles Imbeau. This is my new favorite band ever since I heard “On Fire”! Just sublime music and artistry”
– MrOddzo, Stationhead

Over was recorded in Quebec city and Montréal. The single is produced by Mal Fantôme and Mathieu Dandurand.

“Let’s live it out now, just like there’s no tomorrow, regret it later when it’s over”