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Mal Fantôme | On Fire - Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, etc.

Mal Fantôme is an indie rock band, from Quebec city, Canada. It was founded by Charles-Edouard Boivin (vocals and guitar) and Jacques deVarennes (bass). Both met in 2008 while in 21 Grams, a power trio that released a four song EP (Orange) before disbanding and forming Mal Fantôme in 2010. Ike Barsalou (drums) joined the band a few months after the release of Half Empty / Half Full (2018 – Mal Fantôme’s first album) and Marc Rivest (guitar) got on board soon after.

Mal Fantôme is quite unique in many ways. The band has a strong identity both sonically and visually and creates everything on its own – from songs to videos, clever merchandising to innovative marketing efforts, Mal Fantôme does everything to stand out, including inviting high profile musical guests to their fans delight. Along with the release of HOT, an EP of four songs released in june 2023, the band started offering two beers in collaboration with Madawaska Microbrewery proving once more it has a distinctive vision to what an indie rock band is all about.

The band is starting 2024 with the release of Missed You, a new single (February 22nd). The song is part of an upcoming EP to be released in June.

The band is currently preparing LOVE HOTEL its third album set to be released in October 2024.


Here are some key moments we documented throughout the years. We’re counting on bringing you more music, more videos, more everything in the upcoming months. We’ve never had as much fun making music as we do now and we have no intention to stop anytime soon.

Thanks for the ride.

March 2024

February 2024

Missed You | Single

MISSED YOU FEBRUARY 22, 2024 Here is MISSED YOU our latest single. The song is about two lovers who run into each other 12 years after a difficult separation. It is featuring Michelle Rescigno  on [...]

July 2023

June 2023


HOT JUNE 21, 2023 We are quite happy to release “HOT“, our new EP, just in time to kickstart summer 2023. HOT regroups our four latest singles OVER (featuring Charles Imbeau on trumpet), HIGHER (featuring Roger Joseph Manning [...]

Burning | Single

BURNING JUNE 8, 2023 Here is BURNING, our 4th single release within the last 6 months. The song is about desiring someone and wanting more. The new single is featuring two guests – Michelle Rescigno [...]

April 2023

My Heavy Soul | Single

MY HEAVY SOUL APRIL 13, 2023 MY HEAVY SOUL is Mal Fantôme's new single. The song is featuring Bruce Kaphan on lap steel guitar, a long time hero to the band - we're all American [...]

March 2023

January 2023

Higher | Single

HIGHER JANUARY 26, 2023 Here is HIGHER, our first single release in 2023. The song is about being with a lover who challenges you, who takes you out of your comfort zone. We invited Roger [...]

November 2022

Over | Single

OVER NOVEMBER 24, 2022 OVER is our new single and the first from "Love Hotel" our upcoming 3rd album. The song is about living the moment and features Montreal's great Charles Imbeau on trumpet as [...]

Single Review | Over

CONNOLLY'S CORNER | OVER SINGLE REVIEW NOVEMBER 22, 2022 We are honoured to get OVER, our latest single, reviewed by Charles Connolly. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did. "I cannot emphasise the professionalism [...]

August 2022

Bleeding Out | Single

BLEEDING OUT AUGUST 18, 2022 BLEEDING OUT is our new single and the last release coming from VOLCANO, our 2nd album released last year. The song is one of the darkest ones we released. The song [...]

July 2022

Black Dog | Single

BLACK DOG JULY 14, 2022 Covid has been difficult for a lot of us. Some got infected and luckily, most recovered. Others got their world turned upside down and lost sanity. While being forced to [...]

June 2022

Fact Yourself | Single

FACT YOURSELF JUNE 23, 2022 FACT YOURSELF, is our new single coming from our second album, VOLCANO. The song is about gossips and those who live to spread them. Jack had the idea of making a [...]

April 2022

January 2021

Volvano | 2nd Album

VOLCANO JANUARY 1, 2021 VOLCANO, our second album, is a collection of ten songs about life, love, death, hope and perseverance. It has its sunny side ("FACT YOURSELF", "IT FEELS GOOD", "CALIFORNIA") and its darker [...]

August 2020

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